Social Media Is Not Just Fun and Games

I hope everyone had a merry and filling Thanksgiving.

Everyday, I am diligently posting for Starshine Kids, Masque, and Down the Road Brewery. I run into the obstacle of coming up with content to post. I like to play off hashtags, holidays, and recent events to keep the posts relevant. The obstacle I run into is coming up with organic content that might appeal to followers. It’s difficult creating content for products that don’t exactly exist yet. Being the third party consultant, I don’t know where they are in the crowdfunding campaign, production, and licensing process. Nonetheless, I persevere with the project.

As any true marketer, I’d like to welcome you to visit the Facebook pages for these clients:

Down the Road Brewery

Starshine Kids


So what do I do? Research and stay on top of the news. A news clip from a few weeks ago looks lazy, so relevancy and timeliness will pay off greatly. In order to understand the plot of Masque better, I watched Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. From that I was able to come up with a lot of relevant content. Remember the Make-A-Wish San Francisco BatKid in November? It was a brilliant marketing campaign. For Starshine Kids, I posted, “#SFBatKid saves the day, but Starshine Kids saves the night,” with an image of a Starshine Kid doll. I’ve learned that you’ve got to strike while the iron is hot.

Here are a few of my favorite posts from Facebook (they were also posted on Twitter and Google+):


What I like about this post is it uses a common post-Thanksgiving tradition, Black Friday, and spins the meaning. I used common and relevant hashtags so that it might get picked up by non-DTR fans and followers. 


 For Masque, I used another common hashtag, #SelfieSunday. I used the reflection of the main character to play off the plot. Reflection /mirror photos are gaining popularity on social media sites.



Not only is there interaction in this post, but the image is the most adorable “scary monster,” you cannot help but to”Like” it.

I have found that the posts that generate the most “Likes” are the ones where I bring the people that stand behind the product, in front of it. The first supporters of any start-up will be friends and family.

Right now, I am working on generating more “Likes” and followers with each outlet. To do this, I will need to post on blogs and other social media sites and reference our pages. This will create an audience when the crowdfunding campaigns begin.

I am meeting with my client on Monday to go over a way of automizing the posting without losing the customization. Next week, I will blog about how that went. My goal is to come up with valuable content, but not spend hours every day doing it. 

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One thought on “Social Media Is Not Just Fun and Games

  1. Starshine Kids sounds like an interesting product. Maybe there could be a Facebook campaign on how to make it more personalized to each child. Anyway keep up the good work :)

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